Australian Plant Production Standard

Audit Management System

Welcome to the Audit Management System

The Australian Plant Production Standard – Audit Management System (AMS) is the central component of the electronic data capture/reporting and administration system for NIASA BMP, EcoHort and BioSecure HACCP certified growers. The AMS allows a business to allocate digitised templates for in-field data capture (recording) to approved personnel via their smartphones and/or tablets for real-time data storage and reporting within the business’s secure AMS portal.

The AMS is a secure web based system that provides a certified business with easy access to their electronic data management portal for all key on-site areas of best management practice, environmental and natural resource management, plant protection, biosecurity and interstate market access and trade.

The AMS also allows varying levels of secure entry for both government and GIA to efficiently track documents, validate processes and audit businesses in an efficient and time critical manner maximising resources and reducing overall costs.

The AMS has the capacity to capture and store:

  • Business details
  • Business task allocations and record keeping
  • Business digital in-field data recording and reporting functions
  • Intrastate and interstate client lists & addresses
  • Entry Condition Compliance Procedures (ECCP’s)
  • NIASA and EcoHort records of testing and system monitoring (e.g. pH, EC, Pesticide application, etc)
  • Plant protection and biosecurity records (inspection and monitoring records, etc)
  • BioSecure HACCP Biosecurity Certificates (BHBC) issued

Functions provided within the AMS allow a business to not only store important business management information, but also analyse it and continually improve their plant protection and business management systems. The AMS further provides a BioSecure HACCP certified business with the capacity to generate electronic market access documents (BioSecure HACCP Biosecurity Certificates) for entry condition compliance that can be printed and attached to consignments, sent via email and stored electronically.

Supporting Documentation

Relevant information to support BioSecure HACCP certified growers available at: